New Products

Popup Shop

Run your store for 1 month, it's perfect for:
  • Ticket sales or merchandise for an event.
  • Limited inventory for your brand and end of season sales.
  • Deciding if selling online is the right move for your business.
  • *One time setup fee: R5000

One Hit Wonder

Single page, single product focus. Ideal usage:
  • Limited edition inventory.
  • Product launches.
  • Digital Downloads: Books, music albums and other electronic media.
  • Service oriented business.
  • *One time setup fee: R10000
  • **7% of sales

(Shopping) Bag of tricks

Full blown e-commerce store:
  • Start your online business.
  • All the functionality of the largest and most successful online stores.
  • *One time setup fee: R15000
  • **5% of sales
All our offerings include the following:
  • Hosting of your store
  • Domain registration and email setup
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Full management of your online store
  • Easy inventory management via a simple Google Spreadsheet
  • SEO
  • Payment
  • Delivery
  • Reporting via Google Analytics
  • Training
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited traffic
*Setup fee covers:
  • Template design / customisation
  • Domain registration and email setup
  • Site setup and configuration
**Percentage of sales covers:
  • Our commission and administration fees
  • Payment Gateway fees (monthly fees only, not per transaction fees)
  • Hosting fees